Exotic Treat Bundle – 6 Bags

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This exotic dog bundle comprises six of our most unique exotic treats. All of these treats are human-grade and made in our CFIA-certified facility. These exotic dog treats are all made with a single ingredient and contain no other added ingredients, artificial flavours or preservatives. This exotic dog bundle includes the following exotic dog treats:

Bison Heart
This treat is packed with protein and rich in essential vitamins. Our bison hearts are sourced in Canada and are always human-grade.

Bison Liver
Our bison liver is sourced in Canada and is always human-grade. Bison liver contains many crucial vitamins, including vitamins A, B, and folic acid. This treat is also loaded with minerals such as iron, copper and zinc.

Goat Heart
Our goat hearts are a great source of CoQ10 plus taurine and an abundance of vitamins. As with most exotic proteins, goat hearts can be offered to dogs with allergies and sensitivities.

Kangaroo Trim
Kangaroo is one of the lowest-fat meats and is rich in B vitamins, Omega-3s, iron and zinc. Kangaroo meat is high in protein and is always free-range. Kangaroo is a healthy choice for pets with food allergies or intolerance.

Lamb Heart
Lamb heart is rich in vitamins A, C and B complex, as well as thiamine, zinc, manganese, selenium and copper. Lamb hearts are also high in protein, essential for muscle growth and the production of enzymes and hormones.

Venison Trim
Venison trim, or deer meat, makes a delicious, irresistible dog treat. It is very low in fat and cholesterol, making it an increasingly popular meat source for overweight and senior dogs.


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