Yappetizers Treat Company is a Canadian company founded in 2003 that manufactures healthy, all-natural dog and cat treats.

Unlike many companies we manufacture all our own dog and cat treats. We have full control and standards from start to finish. We make our treats in our CFIA certified faclilty located in Richmond, BC Canada. We only use human-grade meat and wild sustainably caught fish. All our products are single ingredient without added ingredients or nasty preservatives. Our treats are shelf stable on their own by slowly dehydrating over 20 hours.

In stark contrast to many other companies, we take pride in the fact that we manufacture all our own dog and cat treats. Our journey starts from the very beginning, allowing us to maintain full control and uphold rigorous standards throughout the entire production process. These delectable treats are crafted in our state-of-the-art CFIA-certified facility, conveniently located in Richmond, BC, Canada.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. We exclusively use human-grade meat and responsibly sourced wild-caught fish as the foundation for our treats. In keeping with our dedication to transparency and simplicity, our products are single-ingredient wonders, free from any added components or undesirable preservatives.

One of the secrets behind the excellence of our treats lies in our meticulous preparation method. Each batch is slowly dehydrated over a span of 20 hours, ensuring that they remain shelf-stable without the need for external assistance.